About Our Business

LifeCare Design Studio was established in the year 2003 to serve the
individualized housing requirements of the American special needs community.
The firm has on staff design and construction professionals including
external design consultants assisting with the completion of its first
LIfeCare Center in Illinois. Future plans are afoot for the development and
construction of additional LifeCare Centers in the USA and in Canada.

Education Seminars

We inform and educate family members, at special needs conventions across
the USA and Canada, about the availability of resources and options to develop
universally accessible homes.

We are now embarking on providing seminars to construction and design
professionals regarding not only the ADA compliance, but also the
implementation of the ADA regulations in real life situations.

All of our housing projects require special talent and experience involving not
only architectural design skills, but also the compassion and understanding to
assist in our mission.